Model Governing Body Committee Structure and Examples of Terms of Reference

Revised October 2015

A governing body is required to have certain statutory committees but may also wish to establish other committees if it is to operate effectively and efficiently. The full governing body is responsible for:

  • establishing committees and determining their constitution, membership, terms of reference and delegated powers; and

  • reviewing these annually.
  • Model terms of reference are provided for:

  • Introduction

  • Full Governing Body Meetings (September 2016)

  • Staff disciplinary and dismissal

  • Staff disciplinary and dismissal appeals

  • Pupil discipline and exclusions

  • Admissions

  • Complaints

  • Grievances (added May 2014)

  • Grievance Appeals (added May 2014)

  • Headteacher Capability Panel (added November 2014)

  • Headteacher Capability Appeals Panel (added November 2014)

  • Teacher Capability Appeals (added April 2016)

  • Headteacher and deputy head selection panel (October 2017)

  • Headteacher performance management appraisers

  • Headteacher performance management appeals appraiser

  • Teacher performance management appeals appraiser

  • Pay review (amended September 2013)

  • Pay review appeals

  • Finance (October 2017)

  • Premises, health and safety

  • Standards, Performance and Curriculum (June 2017)

  • Staffing / Personnel

  • Wellbeing (September 2015)

  • Model Governing Body Committee Structure
  • These are not definitive and can be amended as appropriate in some cases to reflect individual school’s priorities etc.

    Published: 23/04/2013


    Posted May 10, 2014 by Fenella Bowden

    A fantastic resource

    Posted Nov 19, 2015 by Kim Morgans

    Do you have example Terms of Reference for Capability Committee and Capability Appeals Committee? I can only see ones for Headteacher Capability/Headteacher Capability Appeals Committee.
    Many thanks

    The governing body will be directly involved in the capability of the headteacher. Click here for Welsh Government Guidance

    Capability of school staff will be undertaken by the headteacher and / or senior leadership team. The disciplinary and dismissal committee of the governing body will have to meet under Stage 3 of this process. Click here for Welsh Government guidance

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